I walk off the edge of denial, hoping that your life will change. I’m making excuses for ya and it’s putting too much pressure on me. 
Being dumb is strong enough to kill you 
and you don’t even notice yourself. 
Kicking down the ones who love you and defending your right to be 
Lazy & Loaded 

What’s it gonna take to clean you up, to turn a corner where the bell rings. 
There’s not a priest that can pray you up or a devil with a sharp hand. How long will it take to claim yourself 
And clear up the whites in your eyes. 
No ones gonna do it for you, if you drive down the road to. 
Lazy & Loaded 

I want you to know that you have someone, who gives a shit if you live or die. 
I’m here if you ever need someone, to pick you up when the bottom falls.


released July 31, 2019 
Mike Borgia- Vocals guitars 
Peter Walker: Engineered + Aux guitar.


all rights reserved